Retail production system

Brand owners exploiting their own stores, wholesale companies, selling materials via partners, shop-in-shop formulas, all these organizations have the need to create communication materials about their products and brand.

The Retail Production System is an online management system to create production orders for internal or external production studios via which marketing communications and e-commerce orders are produced.

By using an online solution, both the client organization, their management and users as well as the management and operators from the production departments or companies have 24/7 insights in statuses and progress.

By allowing users to create orders via online forms, we guarantee that all required information is ava=liable at the start of a production.

The online approval and commenting features make it easy to react in time. And all stakeholders are informed continuously. Approved files can be delivered automatically to preferred suppliers. Operators can share screens with the requester and collaborate online. In this way a very efficient process can be implemented. Like all systems, a very intuitive user interface, based on our User Driven Design principle make the difference!